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H22 Commercial Cold Press Juicer **** With Free Bali Flag****


  Winner. “German iF Design Award 2015”

Product Overview

Specifically designed for commercial use, the Hurom H22 brings Cold Press Juicing to any small business or commercial operation. Comprising a heavy duty design with twice the chamber capacity, 3 complete top sections, transparent hopper and up to an 8 hour run time, the Hurom H22 enables any small business to offer their customers Cold Pressed Juice and the associated health benefits. The Hurom H22 is also whisper quiet, BPA Free, and is guaranteed to produce the highest yield of any Slow/Cold Press Juicer on the market.

The Hurom H22 is extremely versatile. Whether you are wanting to juice oranges and apples in large volume, offer health and detox mixes such as wheatgrass, strawberries, acai and kale, or if you are looking to juice hard product such as carrot, beetroot and ginger, the H22 can do it all!

  • Juice high yield product (such as oranges) at an output of 50 litres per hour (1.25kg of oranges will make approx. 1.0 litres of juice)
  • Great for hard product like carrot, beetroot and ginger
  • Best possible yield from greens such as wheatgrass, kale and mint
  • Makes nut milk with ease
  • Use the included coarse strainer to easily make your favourite banana, mango or strawberry smoothies

The Hurom H22 is the best selling Commercial Cold Press Juicer in Australia and used by more retail businesses than any other Commercial Cold Press Juicer. If you own or operate a Juice Bar, Café, Hotel or Restaurant  email us.

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The motor and parts on the H22 are covered by a 1 year warranty.

What’s in the Box

Commercial Cold Press Juicer | 3 Full Drum Kits (Strainer, Auger, Bowl & Hopper) | 1 Juice Jug and 1 Pulp Jug | 1 Pusher | 2 Cleaning Brushes | 4 Spare Silicone Brushes | 2 Spare Silicone Gaskets | User Manual


Drum Assembly: Professional
BPA Free Drum: Yes
Juice Cap: Yes
Safety Sensor: Yes
Size of Juicing Bowl: 1000ml
Pulp Lever: Yes
Strainers: 3 Ultem Fine and 1 Coarse Strainer
Accessories: 3 Drum Sets, 2 Jugs, 2 Cleaning Brushes
Certifications: CE / C-Tick
Rated Usage: 4 hours continuous use
Juice Output: Up to 18 litres per hour
Motor Speed: 43 rpm
Power Consumption: 150W
Voltage: 220-240 volts
Weight: 8.6 kg
Dimensions: 282mm x 199mm x 445mm
Warranty 1 year on motor and parts