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February 22, 2018
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Hurom H100 Cold Press Juicer
October 29, 2018
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Hurom H100 Cold Press Juicer


•New Strainer & Drum Design
•Even Easier to Clean!
•Easy Assemble/Disassemble
•New Pulp Lever Design
•7 Degree Tilted Chamber
•Transparent Dual Feed Hopper
•High Yield
•3 Strainers in Box
•10 year warranty on motor

Drum Assembly: Inno Chamber
Motor Speed:43 rpm
BPA Free Drum:Yes
Lever Type:Lift Lever
Juice Cap:Yes
Safety Sensor:Yes
Self Cleaning:Yes
Size of Juicing Bowl:350ml
Voltage:220-230 volts
Power Consumption:150W
Rated Usage:Up to 30 minutes continuously
Certifications:CE / C-Tick
Made in:Korea
Available Colours:Black Pearl & Platinum

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Product Overview

The 2018 Hurom H100 Cold Press Juicer is testament to Hurom’s commitment to produce the highest quality juice, whilst utilising the most sophisticated techniques to create a juicing experience that is both easy and enjoyable.

The H100 incorporates refinements designed to enhance your juicing experience. Its fresh, new design aesthetic ensures that it is a statement piece for your kitchen. Its elegant design, available in 2 charismatic colours, will complement any bench top. Its small footprint ensures that it sits neatly alongside your coffee machine or other kitchen appliances.

The H100 incorporates new design specifications which allow for both ease of assembly, as well as cleaning. The 7 degree tilted chamber ensures that every drop of juice leaves the chamber with no waste. The increased width and straight angle of the dual hopper allows for smaller ingredients, such as berries and cherry tomatoes, to be inserted into the juicer more easily. The new and improved strainer set prevents pulp build up and enables quick and easy washing.

Features include:

Completely new strainer design: consists of an inner strainer and juice strainer. This exceptional new design prevents the buildup of pulp between tiny gaps in the strainer making it the easiest to clean strainer on the market. Simply rinse the new strainer set under running water for 10 seconds and you’re done.

One step assembly: it has never been easier to assemble and disassemble the main body of the juicer with its chamber. Hurom’s new design form fit aesthetic enables both pieces to slot together with ease.

Refined chamber interior: an improved chamber design prevents the buildup of pulp enabling better access for cleaning.

Convenient lift lever: slide the lift lever up or down to adjust the inner pressure depending upon the firmness of the ingredients being used. Additionally, by raising the lift lever during cleaning it provides wider access to the pulp outlet, making it easier to wash.

7 degree tilted chamber: a 7 degree tilt at the bottom of the chamber provides a completely hands free pour. The juice leaves the chamber completely without manually having to tilt the juicer, eliminating waste.

Improved dual hopper: the increased width and straight angle of the dual hopper makes it easier and more convenient to insert smaller ingredients, such as a berries and cherry tomatoes.

One-touch guide grooves: Guide grooves at the top, bottom and middle of the chamber allow you to simply align the tabs on the juicing strainer for quick and easy assembly.

Advantages of Cold Press Juicing

Cold Pressed Juice retains significantly more enzymes and living nutrients than traditional high-speed juicing as juice is gently squeezed from fruit and vegetables. In addition, there is virtually no separation in your juice which means significantly better tasting juice, and with no sharp blades, Cold Press Juicing is safer.

Hurom is the Global Leader

Hurom is the Global Leader in Slow/Cold Press Juicers having been in business since 1974. Since 2010, Hurom has sold over 7 million juicers into more than 50 countries and Hurom currently holds over 200 technology and design patents, more than any other Cold Press Juicer manufacturer.

Hurom Cold Press Juicers are made in Korea from only the highest quality components and are superior to other juicers. Not only can they make juice, they can make nut milk, ice-cream, sorbet & smoothies making them extremely versatile. They also use up to 80% less power than a 750 watt traditional high-speed juicer. Lastly, Hurom Juicers are super quick and easy to clean – just rinse under a tap; and all models in the Hurom Consumer range come with a 10 year manufacturers’ warranty that is supported right here in New Zealand