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June 12, 2017
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June 12, 2017
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Hurom H26 Alpha Silver


•Latest 2016 Hurom Release
•Generation 3 Technology
•45rpm Cold Press Process
•17rpm Spinning Brushes
•Patented Pulp Lever
•2 Ultem Strainers & Ice Cream Maker included
•10 Year Warranty

Product Overview

  • Once again Hurom leads the way with its third generation of Slow/Cold Press Juicers. The Hurom H26 ‘Alpha’ is Hurom’s latest product release (March 2016) and represents the very latest in Cold Press Juicing technology. The ‘Alpha’ classification refers to Hurom’s Generation 3 Drum Assembly which has been further refined to provide consumers with the best possible juicing experience;
  • New Auger & Drum Design: A new modified auger shape allows for longer use and improved operation; and the new drum design improves the overall juicing experience.
  • 17rpm Spinning Brushes: By slowing down the speed of the spinning brushes, you can gently mix juice within the bowl, and prevent over-flowing and foam build-up.
  • New Ice Cream Maker: A newly developed ice cream maker is included in the box as standard enabling you to make your favourite ice creams, and smoothies.
  • Transparent Hopper: A handy addition allowing you to watch your ingredients from start to finish.
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