Juice made with Hurom juicer is filled with natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes compared to juice made with the average juicer. It supports weight-loss, promotes radiant skin and preserves our health from various adult diseases. It also helps reform our unhealthy diet and balance our nutrition intake by providing a way to mix various combination of fruits and vegetables to produce flavors that are favorable to our palate spoiled by harmful junk food.

hurom goodnessDespite our lengthened life span aided by progresses in the medical field, many people today suffer from various forms of cancer and modern diseases previously unseen in the past century. Subscriptions are skyrocketing for countless insurance products that pop up constantly on TV and for various cancer insurance products. What is the use of a long life and subscription to cancer insurance when actually faced with cancer? It is important to live a healthy and long life and take preemptive measures to prevent cancer and the hardship to yourself and your family. It’s best to preserve your health when you are healthy and able. Hurom juice provides all the beneficial nutrients in fruits and vegetables in a single cup of juice. Experience a healthy and long, rich life with Hurom juice.

5 colours to eat

Vegetables and Fruits for a healthy life

The role of minerals, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables in preventing cancer, adult diseases and in addressing nutritional imbalance cannot be emphasized further. A survey of 26,000 adults in Europe, Japan, and the U.S. for a long period of time also proved that sufficient consumption of vegetables and fruits help prevent cardiac infarction (heart attack). A German study found that vegetables and fruits lower the risk of lung cancer. WHO announced that a diet full of vegetables and fruits can save 2.7 million lives a year. The Organization’s recommended daily consumption of vegetables and fruits is 400g.

The global boom over vegetables and fruits

There are many campaigns promoting consumption of vegetables and fruits around the world. The ‘5 A Day’ campaign for eating more than five dishes of five-colored fruits and vegetables started off in the U.S. in the 1990s and it has spread to other parts of the world, inspiring ‘Eat 5 Colors A Day’ in the UK and the ‘Go for 2 Fruits & 5 Vegetables’ in Australia. Japan recommends a daily 350g of vegetable consumption and UK and Germany recommend vegetable and fruits consumption five times a day. It’s never easy to consume the recommended amount amid the hustles and bustles of city life. But it can be done effortlessly by consuming vegetables and fruits in juice, which is better absorbed into the body than when consumed as a whole.

Absorption into the body is four times higher when vegetables and fruits are consumed as juice than when consumed as they are. Hurom juice is free of additives such as artificial sweeteners, artificial pigments and sodium benzoate. Preservatives squeezes not only nutrients but also seeds and skin to preserve four essential nutrients short in humans to prevent various diseases, including cancer. This also gives full vigor and energy. The efforts to preserve nature in its fullest form have paid off as Hurom today has become one of the must-have items to keep all family members fully energized.