DongAh Ind Co., Ltd started business as a manufacturer of TV and audio components in 1974, but was also interested in electric household appliances.   In 1992, DongAh developed the single auger electric juicer, and took out 7 patents between 1992-1998 for the horizontal single auger juicer. During this time, they were primary known as an OEM manufacturer, meaning they manufactured juicers and other companies put their brand name on them such as Omega, Oscar and many more international brands

In their pursuit in improving the design further, in 2007,  DongAh Ind Co., Ltd introduced the worlds first vertical single auger juicer. This first generation vertical auger design used side-clamps to hold down the housing, and it had a rather large motor base.  It worked fairly well, but DongAh knew it could be improved and more user-friendly

hurom development over the years

Since that time, DongAh Ind Co., Ltd has made many improvements to the original vertical auger design and in 2008, they presented a prototype of the next generation vertical auger juicer at a USA trade show.  This model was first exported as the Oscar Pro 930 (in a chrome plated finish) to Australia and the United Kingdom in early 2009

For many years many different international companies have imported extractors and juicers made by DongAh Ind Co. Ltd and sold them under brands such as Oscar, Omega and others.   DonhAh Ind Co., Ltd were happy with this arrangement, manufacturing container loads of juicers, and having  companies buy, sell and support the juicers around the world

In 2009, DongAh Ind Co decided to start a US based company to sell their juicers inside the USA.  This company is called Hurom USA.  They kept the Hurom name, which is also the name of the juicer being sold outside the USA   In addition, they had an agreement with Omega to import the same model, but it could not be identical, so there were a few minor changes to the product, and the Omega VRT330 was born

Today, DongAh Ind Co remain the world leaders in design, innovation and manufacturing for juicing machines and extractors and distribute to over 50 countries around the world and continue to manufacture for most leading slow juicer brands