We are sure you will master your new juicer easily but here are some short tips that hopefully saves you a phone call or e-mail and get’s you going much faster



The hopper/Bowl lid is stuck

Reasons: Excessive food in the bowl or unknown substance in the bowl.

Solutions: Press reverse button 3-5 seconds. Repeat process 2-3 times. Then, press down on top of lid while turning.

Motor is stuck or has stopped during use

Reasons: Excessive food in the bowl. or overheating.

Solutions: Press reverse button 3-5 seconds. Repeat process 2-3 times.

If the motor has stopped completely , let it cool down before trying again.

Leaking from underneath the bowl

Reasons: Extraction packing not plugged in correctly.

Solutions: Be sure to plug in extraction packing on the underside of the bowl tightly after cleaning.




Squeaking noise when juicing

Reasons: Friction between the squeezing screw and bowl or food.

Solutions: Squeaking sound is perfectly normal.

Note: Do not run the juicer without any food.

The juicer vibrates

Reasons: Sign of motor working properly.

Solutions: Vibration is perfectly normal. However, severe shaking which causes imbalance of the unit should be checked for a defective screw.

Water mark or scratch on the squeezing screw

Reasons: Molding marks during manufacturing process.

Solutions: These marks and lines on the squeezing screw are perfectly normal.


silicone to cleanColor stains on the bowl, strainer, spinning brush

Reasons: Natural dyed from food.

Solutions: Hurom is BPA-free and chemical-free on all attachments, therefore natural dye from food when juicing is perfectly normal. To reduce staining, rinse and clean immediately after each use.

cleaning silicone

Diluted vinegar or bleach can also be used




Mold in silicone part of spinning brush




Reasons: Poor cleaning.

Solutions: Be sure to clean thoroughly by detaching the silicone brushes from the spinning brush. Don’t forget to plug it back in before juicing


Poor Extractionscreen cleaning

Reasons: Screen is blocked or poor cleaning

Solutions: Use scrubbing brush to properly clean strainer after juicing each time


Strainer damage

Reasons: Ice, frozen foods, large hard seeds or pits, unknown substance, or excess food in bowl.

Solutions: Refer to Instruction Manual for proper usage and juicing

Tips. Remember not to overcrowd food or force foods in.

Deformation of attachments

Reasons: Exposed to heat or abrasive materials.

Solutions: Do not clean any attachments in dishwasher or use hard cleaners. Plastics tend to deform when expose to high heat.

Too much pulp coming out

Reasons: Excess food in the bowl clogging up the strainer or food not cut into small enough pieces.

Solutions: Cut food, especially fibrous foods, into smaller pieces to avoid the fibers wrapping around the screw. Also input food at a slow pace allowing all the pulp to eject before adding more food.