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Hurom’s Slow Juicer keeps more of the good stuff in your juice, super quick and whisper quiet.




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Up to twice the quantity of juice is extracted from the same quantity of produce so your juicing costs are lower and your waste is less

Better Quality Juice


Using the Slow Squeezing System causes no oxidization or damage to produce food cells and retains up to 4 times the enzymes and 6 times the vitamins than a traditional centrafugal juicer

Quicker Absorbtion


Juice is absorbed into your body up to 20% faster than raw food by your body


Better Tasting

The twin action of the Slow Squeezing System crushes and then presses the produce, releasing its deep-seated nutrients and enzymes. It also breaks up more of the phytonutrients, resulting in a richer colored juice that retains more vitamins and minerals


The Hurom Slow Juicer has been designed with almost 40 years of experience and the best quality, carefully engineered parts to make the best juicer in the world suited for a variety of produce including vegetables, fruit and leafy greens. The Hurom will also make nut milks, tofu and ice-cream


 Easy to Use and Simple to Clean


Quick assembly and easy to use, you dont need to “force feed” the Hurom vertical slow-juicer, the gravity fed system easily and quickly juices all your produce.

All Hurom Slow Juicers are equipped with a “Easy Clean System”

A spinning brush located inside the bowl cleans the interior surface of the drum and also the exterior of the strainer while juicing. This not only prevents clogging but also drastically reduces cleaning time. Simply rince with water in-between different juices  or use the Easy cleaning system when finished juicing to cut your final clean up time in half.



Whisper Quiet

With an induction motor opperating at either 43 or 70 RPM. The Hurom Slow Juicer is the quietest juicers available producing nearly no noise or vibration so no matter when you want to juice, you wont disturb others in your home.



All Hurom Slow Juicers have a safe feed chute that even the smallest hands can use, slower gears with no sharp blades and a auto shut off safety sensor making the Hurom safe and easy for the whole family to use and enjoy


Stylish Design That Compliments Any Kitchen

A modern, multi international award winning design with a small footprint to suit any kitchen without encroaching on your bench space to much and they can be easily stored or transported

High Quality


The HUROM Slow-juicer is made from using the best specifically designed, quality components available including Ultrem resin which is extremely durable and tough.

The Hurom Slow-juicer is also BPA free and carries a comprehensive 10 year  replacement warranty on the motor and 2 year replacement warranty on all other parts.

The Hurom Slow Juicer has teeth like cutters at the top of the auger which takes “bites” of your produce with little effort and works it down crushing and squeezing the nutrients and juice out easily

After initially designing horizontal extractors in 1978, Hurom invented the vertical slow-juicer specifically for juicing and also for juicing a wide variety of produce which is best suited our bodies.

The larger vertical auger in the Hurom Slow Juicer takes a much larger bite than a horizontal auger and the powerful induction motor gently produces juice at either 43 or 70 RPM.

The result? The Hurom Slow Juicer makes juice quicker and easier because it processes more of your produce at one time.

The vertical slow juicer has revolutionised the juicing world since its introduction. John Kohler 2012


Alpha Series Elite Series HU-500
Motor Speed: 45 rpm 45 rpm 80 rpm
Drum Assembly: Generation 3 Generation 2 Generation 1
Year of Release: 2016 2014 2013
Awards: Stay Tuned! Red Dot Design Award (HH)
Red Dot Design Award (HF)
iF Design Award Germany (HG)
Spinning Brush Speed: 17 rpm 45 rpm 80 rpm
Wide Mouth Pulp Outlet: Yes No No
Transparent Hopper: Yes No No
Pulp Lever: Yes Yes No
BPA Free Drum: Yes Yes Yes
Juice Cap: Yes Yes Yes
Safety Sensor: Yes Yes Yes
Self Cleaning: Yes Yes Yes
Recipe Book Included: Yes Yes Yes
Auger: Generation 3 ‘Super Tough’ Ultem Auger Generation 2 ‘Winged’ Auger Generation 1 Auger
External Housing: H25: Stainless Steel
H26: High-grade Plastic
HF & HG: Stainless Steel
HH & HJ: High-grade Plastic
High-grade Plastic
Size of Juicing Bowl: 500ml 500ml 300ml
Strainer Included: 1 Ultem Fine, 1 Ultem Coarse & 1 Ice Cream Maker 1 Ultem Fine & 1 Ultem Coarse Strainer 1 Ultem Fine & 1 Coarse Strainer
Accessories Included: 2 Jugs, 2 Cleaning Brushes, Chute Cover, Drying Stand 2 Jugs, 2 Cleaning Brushes, Chute Cover, Drying Stand 2 Jugs, Cleaning Brush
Voltage: 220-240 volts 220-240 volts 220-240 volts
Power Consumption: 150W 150W 150W
Rated Usage: Up to 30 minutes continuously Up to 30 minutes continuously Up to 30 minutes continuously
Certifications: CE / C-Tick CE / C-Tick CE / C-Tick
Warranty: 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts