Every juicer we distribute goes through a comprehensive screening process before reaching you to ensure that you receive the high quality you would expect from a world class manufacturer like Hurom and us as their exclusive New Zealand distributer.

Every juicer is tested and inspected for faults or defects both at the manufacturer and also here in New Zealand prior to dispatch to you.

The Hurom juicing machine use a brushless induction motor which are extremely reliable and have very few moving or perishable parts.

Here are some things that will help you get up and running quickly or deal with those little issues that may arise.




hurom assemblyHave you assembled your juicer and switched it on but nothing happens?

The Hurom has a magnetic safety sensor which will not allow the machine to work unless all the components have been assembled correctly.

Step 1. Have you assembled the unit correctly? Check your user manual and make sure that all the components are fitted together correctly and that the bowl lid is closed properly to deactivate the safety sensor


Step 2. Check the power point you are using is working. You can use another appliance or devise such as a light.





You’ve been using your juicer and all of a sudden it has stopped working!

screw_medThe Hurom vertical slow juicer has a powerful auger with a “tooth” that takes a bite of your produce as gravity drops your produce down the chute.

Unlike horizontal juicers you do not need to use the plunger to forcibly insert your chosen produce into the juicer. In fact, the only time you need the plunger is if you have feed to much produce into the chute yourself or you have not cut your produce up small enough for the size of the chute and a piece is wedged inside.


Step 1. Is there produce inside the machine? If there is, switch the machine into reverse for a couple of seconds before turning it back to normal operation. In most cases this will free up the produce and you will be able to continue juicing.



Still stuck?

Normally the reason for the machine to still be jammed is that there is just too much produce in the auger and bowl system and the machine cannot turn so it will automatically stop.




All you need to do is take the bowl unit apart and clear the produce out of the system, put the bowl, auger, screen, brush and other parts back together making sure that there is nothing obstructing any of the parts and you can restart your juicing.


Liquid or Juice is leaking from under the bowl!

The bowl unit has a silicone plug/seal that blocks the outlet hole in the underside and center of the bowl unit which must be closed before you assemble the juicer. The plug is found on the underside of the bowl unit and slots into the outlet for the waste produce. If this is not sealed properly the juicer can still work but will more than likely allow juice and waste to escape thru the hole left open instead of where it should be going, the waste outlet and into the juice collection bowl.


This plug is there to help with the cleaning of your juicer. When you have finished juicing you unplug the seal and run the waste outlet under water to clean this section out. The water will flow one end to the other and clean your juicers waste pipe.

Don’t worry if this has happened, your juicer will be fine, just wipe up the spillage and carry on.


Produce we recommend you do NOT use:

There are a few produce items that because of their molecular make up are just not suited to juicing. This is usually because the liquid component of these items is so closely bonded with the physical fibre of the produce. For example Bananas’, eggplant, squash, and Avocado. These few products are better suited to blending.


imagesRhubarb and Leeks are also not well suited to juicing as they have incredibly hard sinew and can block or jam the juicer either inside the auger and bowl system or by blocking the waste outlet. You can still juice these but it is very important to cut them up into very small pieces.


While your juicer can handle whole carrots and other produce it is recommended that any produce you want to juice is cut into pieces about 1-2 inches in size especially celery, leafy greens and ginger. This will reduce the chance of any blockages or the juicer jamming but also speed the juicing process up.


Still having problems?

If you are sure you have made the above checks and the juicer will still not work please also check our trouble shooting section

If you are still having difficulties or if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Hurom Slow Juicer NZ