HUROM created the vertical slow-juicer specifically for juicing and also for juicing a wide variety of produce which is also best for a healthy balanced diet.

The HUROM vertical slow-juicer has a powerful 150 watt brushless induction motor which rotates the super tough Ultem resin auger at between 70-80 rpm.

You simply put your produce down the hopper and let gravity “self feed” the auger.

The auger has a tooth like cutter at the top which takes a “bite” of your produce and works it down crushing and squeezing the nutrients and juice out easily into the juice container while expelling the pulp through the pulp outlet into the pulp container.

hurom machine




When finished juicing or in-between batches you can use the “Easy Cleaning System” by pouring water down the hopper which will stop the mix of flavours between different types of juices and also greatly assist in the final clean up of your juicer.

For the final clean up just rinse the containers, auger, bowl, hopper and brush system under warm water and use the brush provided to scrub the screen clean